10th anniversary exhibition, Group show with gallery artists, 29 September–17 December

Join us in celebrating the gallery’s 10th anniversary! To mark this milestone, we have gathered our gallery artists in a group show, featuring new works made especially for this occasion. The group show will evolve over time and runs through two exhibition periods to 17 December.

The past decade has been characterized by dramatic events – especially over the past few years. We would like to thank our artists for their support, positive attitude and determination to continue working, exhibiting and showing their works at the gallery and elsewhere. Without you the gallery wouldn’t exist. Art is important in so many ways – especially in turbulent times. We believe that it should be experienced live, where the gallery context offers a platform for meetings and discussions.

During our first 10 years we have been encouraged by the positive response we have received with respect to our program. Thank you to all visitors, art lovers, collectors, institutions, museums, art critics and everyone else who has shown interest in the gallery’s exhibitions, talks and events over the past years.

In the 10th anniversary exhibition we will present works by Johan Bergström Hyldahl, Carl Boutard, Dit-Cilinn, Leif Engström, Johannes Heldén, Mats Hjelm, Linda Hofvander, Clay Ketter, Katja Larsson, Sonja Larsson, Kristina Matousch, Ebba Matz, David Molander, Tova Mozard, André Nordström, Elin Odentia, Olivia Pettersson Fleur, Anna-Karin Rasmusson, Samaneh Reyhani, Lovisa Ringborg, Linnea Rygaard, Sigrid Sandström, Fredrik Söderberg, Alexander Tallén and Per Wizén.

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