Carl Boutard, Elsewhere, sculpture, 22 August–21 September 2019

Cecilia Hillström Gallery is pleased to announce representation of Carl Boutard, who will show a series of sculptures in the exhibition Elsewhere. For Boutard, the relationship between man and nature is in focus. He is constantly collecting fragments and objects from nature as an important part of his day-to-day practice, creating a foundation for the sculptures to come. Seemingly unrelated parts are then combined when transformed into bronze or other materials. Building blocks are attached to one another in an intuitive process, enabled by the previous assembly of elements. In this process, Boutard is able to investigate form and space in his sculptural practice, involving the combination of seemingly unrelated parts.

Having also trained to become an architect where building paper models was an important tool to visualize the result, Boutard constantly plays with scale and dimensions. Assembling, dissecting and recomposing unexpected elements enables him to construct a different reality. In his public projects, the viewer often finds herself in front of enlarged fractions of branches and seeds or facing objects which are entwined with the surrounding vegetation or built environment.

Carl Boutard’s presentation at the gallery consists of a series of sculptures made of paper and cardboard. Approaching sculpture in a hands-on and modular way, Boutard’s method is similar to how nature assembles itself on a molecular level. The result is a self-organized and repetitive form, comfortingly imperfect and fresh.

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