Clay Ketter, …out of my hands., installation, sculpture, photography, 26 September–2 November 2019

Cecilia Hillström Gallery is pleased to present Clay Ketter’s third solo exhibition with the gallery. …out of my hands is a comprehensive presentation of new works consisting of installation, sculpture and photography. Memories of growing up surrounded by Warner Brothers’ cartoons are intertwined with music; rock, pop and middle school’s marching bands.

The title of this exhibition suggests that the works created for the exhibition have come into being without the artist’s conscious decisions and intentions. But it also states that they do come from his hands, which may seem to be a paradox. If not conscious, maybe unconscious, or subconscious? Are we entering a dream world? It sounds like surrealism and it does not sound like the Clay Ketter I know.

–Magnus af Petersens

Read the complete exhibition text by Magnus af Petersens here.
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