Ebba Matz, Duchamp, Babitz & Matz, installation, 13 November– 20 December 2014

The project Duchamp, Babitz & Matz, is an installation with objects and photography, inspired by a dream in which Ebba Matz encountered Marcel Duchamp in the department store Bazar de l’Hôtel de Ville in Paris. The text included in the exhibition describes how Matz – still in her dream – ends up playing tic tac toe on Duchamp’s checked shirt with an imagined Eve Babitz (the woman depicted in the famous photograph playing chess in the nude with Duchamp). With her characteristic focus on interaction with the exhibition space, Matz’s installation pinpoints how the canon of art history plays a part in our perception of art. With ingenuity and a poetic point of departure she recreates a feeling of wonder in the face of the unexpected.

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