Richard G. Carlsson & Linda Hofvander,
What We See, or What We Seem
7 April–14 May 2016


Cecilia Hillström Gallery is pleased to present gallery artists Richard G. Carlsson and Linda Hofvander in the duo exhibition What We See, or What We Seem. Although deeply rooted in their respective disciplines of painting and photography, Richard G. Carlsson and Linda Hofvander have long felt a distinct kinship with regard to content and artistic approach. What started as an informal exchange between artist colleagues, where the idea of a joint exhibition first came to light, evolved into more frequent in-depth conversations in each other’s studios.

Through their discussions, they have deepened their understanding of each other’s work, discovering unexpected similarities as well as noticing how their ideas have previously coincided on a number of occasions. Excerpts from these conversations will be presented in a text which will be available at the exhibition (graphic design by Matilda Plöjel).

Both Carlsson and Hofvander share a common fascination for, among other things, the intricacies of perception and take on the subject with their subtle expressions and distinctly personal artistic idioms.

Richard G. Carlsson presents a series of studio interiors as well as large-scale abstract paintings. In both his abstract and figurative works, the focus lies on the rendition of light and the immediacy and physicality of painting. Linda Hofvander’s new photographic works explore the photographic gaze in relation to spatiality and the nature of the narrative that emerges in the process.

Excerpts from studio conversations between Richard G. Carlsson and Linda Hofvander
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Photos: Jean-Baptiste Béranger

Richard G. Carlsson, Workspaces – Dialogues 10 January–8 February, 2013


The work of Richard G. Carlsson (b. 1964) has long been characterized by a subtle expression that incorporates an intriguing dialogue between the abstract and the figurative in the form of sparse, intuitive yet precise non-figurative paintings and pragmatic visual surveys of his own studio space. In this exhibition, Richard G. Carlsson presents a series of ink works on paper. Here he has shifted his gaze outwards from his own studio to the workspaces of other artists with whom he has engaged in recurring inner dialogues over the years.

The opening of the exhibition will also include a book release of Richard G. Carlssonʼs artist book, also entitled Workspaces – Dialogues, that includes writings by Björn Springfeldt, former director of Moderna Museet, Kjell Strandqvist, artist and former professor at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, and Ola Nilsson, author, as well as a conversation between Richard G. Carlsson and his colleague Martin Ålund.

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