Kristina Matousch, Split, painting, sculpture, 19 May–18 June 2022

We are pleased to present Kristina Matousch’s solo exhibition Split, featuring painting and sculpture in the upper room of the gallery.

The sculptural floor installation Split consists of steel pipes which are cut in half; the raw steel offers a contrast to the polished surfaces where the steel has been cut. When seen from above, the pipes become squares, their length being the same as the diameter of the pipe. The four sculptures may be seen as individual objects, or a formation with a certain direction or movement. The volume of the pipes plays with the flat surface of the canvases.

Through is a series of paintings in which the colours of the sky become monochrome dots. Each painting is based on a photograph upon which a plate with holes is placed. The coloured circles oscillate between creating spatiality, almost perforating the canvas, and being just abstract dots on a surface.

The slit open pipes suggest volume and openness, in contrast to the ambiguous surface of the dotted paintings. The interaction between sculpture and painting represents transformation, how an object changes into something else through colour or the handling of the material. As in several of Matousch’s projects, the hole, or the idea of the hole, reappears in Split. They may be seen as passageways, alluding to something which slips out of sight, elusive and concrete at the same time.

Kristina Matousch (b. 1974) is based in Långasand and Malmö, Sweden. She holds an MFA from Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm. Her work has been shown at Spritmuseum, Yossi Milo Gallery, New York, ISSUE Project Room, New York, Trondheim kunstmuseum, Kalmar konstmuseum, Lunds konsthall, Norrköpings Konstmuseum and Moderna Museet. Recent solo exhibitions include Skissernas Museum (with Carl Boutard), Fullersta Gård, Stockholm, Anne Mosseri-Marlio Galerie, Basel, Galleri Riis, Galleri Thomas Wallner and Trelleborg Museum. Matousch’s public art works include Knopen at Medborgarplatsen, Stockholm, Box at Hagalundskolan, Dalby, Uranus at Karolinska Institutet, Solna, as well as Depths of Time, Hyllie station, Malmö. She is represented in the collections of Moderna Museet, Malmö Konstmuseum, Borås Konstmuseum, Public Art Agency Sweden, and Bonnier Art Collection.

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