Linda Hofvander, Surfaces (to fall into, stay with, and look out through), photography, objects, 10 January–16 February 2019

Cecilia Hillström Gallery is pleased to start the new year with Linda Hofvander’s second solo show at the gallery, Surfaces (to fall into, stay with, and look out through), featuring new photographic works and objects.

In the new exhibition, the artist continues her exploration of time and space through our perception of the image. Hofvander creates seemingly simple structures, shadows and objects in her studio. Using an analogue process, the traces of the image in the making is evident, yet the flat surface of the photograph renders the work its abstraction.

A crucial aspect of Hofvander’s working method is the process of reduction, with a strive to pinpoint the essence of the analogue medium. In her exploration of the inherent qualities of photography and the possibilities of perceiving time and space on a flat surface, Hofvander captures the core of our perception and the limitations of the medium itself.

The exhibition text is written by Clay Ketter. Read the text here.

An artist talk, led by artist Sonja Larsson, took place on Wednesday 6 February at 18.00, watch the video here.

Read more about the artist here.
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