Tova Mozard, MARKET Art Fair, Stockholm, 24–26 March 2017

Solo presentation with Tova Mozard, Supernatural, photography 

At MARKET 2017, Cecilia Hillström Gallery presents a new body of work by Tova Mozard. With an ambiguous series of photographic works, Mozard presents a sequence in which the individual works are loosely connected through American landscapes, symbolism and entertaining signifiers, creating a mysterious, almost cinematic feeling. In a dissolved society, where formal and informal authorities are being questioned, its inhabitants are fumbling for something to hold on to.

In their search for answers to complex questions, some may turn to psychic mediums and fortune-tellers for guidance, direction and clarity. These places, portrayed in several of the images by Mozard, may serve as a focal point for comfort, advice and hope for the future. At the same time, traditional authorities – like the police force – are facing problems with credibility. The concept of law and order, played out by the twin policemen in a couple of photographs, seems unstable and not completely trustworthy. Are we witnessing a charade or true action – or both? Are the policemen for real or just pretending to offer safety and stability in a similar way as the fortune-tellers? A mountainous landscape set on fire serves as a dubious back drop, giving a sense of an oncoming Doomsday.

The series of photographic works shown at MARKET is independent but relates to an ongoing film project. In addition, Mozard takes part in the group exhibition Golden Sunset at Moderna Museet 25 March–30 December. She also has an upcoming solo exhibition at the gallery this fall.

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