Ohlsson/Dit-Cilinn, Hibernaculum, sculpture, installation, 23 February – 1 April 2017

Cecilia Hillström Gallery is proud to present the exhibition Hibernaculum with David Ohlsson and Dit-Cilinn, which is also Dit-Cilinn’s second show at the gallery. The duo Ohlsson/Dit-Cilinn has collaborated in exploring human existence and spirituality through elaborate objects, installations, and performances since 2009. With a unique attention to detail and a skillful combination of materials, their work is a negotiation between present day urban life and a desire for something transcendent.

The exhibition, consisting of site-specific installations and sculptures, evolves around the concept of a hibernaculum or an incubator – a place for rest, introspective meditation and transformation. The works are physical poems which unite the primeval with the futuristic; a holistic forward-thinking approach combined with a responsiveness which may be found in animistic cultures. The exhibition presents human beings as a part of nature, playing an active role in their own evolution. In Hibernaculum, the past is a living foundation which is constantly recreated.

In the series Polarian, four wall sculptures take form of futuristic bodies enforced with titanium in different stages of development. They may be seen as having been nurtured in an artificial womb or as prehistoric creatures emerging from the melting glaciers.  

The exhibition text is written by Gyrus, a writer based in London focused on prehistoric consciousness, psychology, cosmology and animism. Read the text here

Read more about the artist here.

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